Thursday, December 13, 2007


Anzac convoy to 65th D-Day celebrations in Normandy, France.

(The team is now full)

Bev and Lang will lead 15 restored World War 2 military vehicles shipped from Australia and New Zealand to Istanbul, Turkey. The convoy (very loose with people able to do their own thing) will then visit ANZAC Cove on Gallipoli before travelling to Greece. All the vehicles will go to Crete to see the WW2 battlefields before returning by ferry to Athens. They will then drive through Greece, across to Italy and all the way north to Switzerland.

After crossing France to Normandy, the Australian and New Zealand vehicles will join 3,000 others spread out in delightful camping grounds for a week in this beautiful countryside. Leaving Normandy they will travel into Belgium to see the WW1 battlefields before shipping the vehicles home.

Bev and Lang will coordinate all the shipping, camping etc. All the participants are expecting to have a great adventure on a wonderful 4,500km journey from 1 May 09 until late June. It is not all military but a fabulous European trip at a leisurely pace going off the beaten track. in our 65 year old vehicles. The arrival of the Anzac convoy in Normandy will be a highlight of one of the world's great historic vehicle gatherings.