Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Great Side Car Adventure

In May 2011 twenty old Russian Army Dnepr MB650 side cars will leave Kiev, Ukraine to travel the Red Sea. As usual, Lang and Bev will be leading the trip with Lang on a bike and Bev, driving a tiny Russian car, going ahead to find camp-sites, hotels etc. Riders are from Australia, New Zealand and USA. It will take six weeks to cover the 6,000km journey cruising at only 60kmh(35mph) .

The route is Bila Tsekva, Ukraine to Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan.

The bikes are closely based on the German WW2 BMW and are two wheel drive (the sidecar wheel drives as well as the bike giving terrific off-road performance). They are being restored to as-new standard by Alexander and Nadia Levchyk in Bila Tserkva, just south of Kiev.

The trip can be followed on this blog from 01 May 2011.