Monday, May 16, 2011

Kirklareli, Turkey

!5th May

I will keep my blogs short as so much is going on with the bikes and also
with our day to day running

Sasha and Nadia are still in the wilderness so we are having to be
totally self sufficient. As with all our projects we have the group of
people who really step up to the mark and not only look out for themselves
but do the extra mile for the good of the group. To them we are just so

Last night we stayed in Kirklareli just 45kms south of the Romanian
border. Lang had a major break down out of Nessebar so I towed him 100kms
to the border where Lee Harman had also come to a grinding halt. I then
did a double tow all the way to our overnight stop. Little Lizzy Lada
certainly earned her keep yesterday

We arrived at the Romanian/Turkish border at 12 noon and the last man
processed was out at 5pm. We had no trouble with our paper work just that
it was a long slow grind. Everyone's father's name is now officially
recorded in the archives at the Turkish border custom's post.

Today after work is done on 4 sick bikes we will follow the early mobile
group and arrive in Istanbul and a two night stay.