Monday, May 23, 2011

Thassos, Greece

Sunday 22nd

We are all here on Thassos Island in Greece enjoying the sunny weather and
beautiful surrounds. Some have hired modern bikes, cars or little motor
scooters to visit monasteries, Roman ruins or enjoy the local fare at
fabulous waterfront cafes.

Most of the group had two nights here but five of us were again doing
catch up.

Sadly Paul and Martin pulled out of the group. Paul's bike has given him a
run of bad luck and they have decided to finish their holiday riding BMW's
through Europe.

Paul was going to leave his bikeat the side of the road, but our mechanics
in the group saw the potential to get some essential spares we may need
before the trip ends. Paul generously offered to come to the border with
it to get it across into Greece with his paperwork.

We saw Robert and Brian go back into Turkey and tow the bike to the border
where Lang met them with Lizzy Lada and towed them back to Alexandroupoli.
Here in the back blocks we did a Zorba the Greek. We stripped the bike of
all useful parts loaded the bikes and car to the gunnels disposed of the
frame and as it was so late in the day we spent the night at Komitimi
enroute to Thasos.

Lizzie is now so loaded she can not carry another gram. The electric fan
stopped working so every time I start the car I have to lift the bonnet
and connect the wires straight to the battery to stop her overheating. Her
tiny 1,200cc engine is still bravely pulling the car, her load and often a
half ton of bike as well.

Our bike problems are definitely being sorted with fewer faults every day.
The regular problems are just the price of driving 75 year old technology
6,000km across Europe. Most people are becoming good at diagnosing faults
and if they can not fix them themselves, can give Hub an indication of
what is going on.

Hub continues to perform miracles and has kept everyone going. We are all
very grateful for his dedicated mechanical work.

Moral is still very high and the continuous change of scene is pleasing
the majority. Everyone is looking forward to the week or so running up the
Adriatric coast through Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia etc.

Off to Thessalonika tomorrow then into the hills.