Thursday, July 9, 2015

Coen to Bramwell

30th  We are off by 0700 with very few cars on the road through to Archer River. The road conditions vary from OK to downright awful. After refuelling at Archer River and having some breakfast we made the decision to not side-track into Weipa, and put Daisy through another extra 200kms of corrugations.

Turning onto the Telegraph Road we decided we had made the right decision as this part of the road seemed to be in much better condition. We called into Moreton Telegraph Station for lunch and continued onto Bramwell Station for the night. During the day we struck quite a bit of rain which made it fun when cars passed and the windscreen turned red. As the wiper does not want to work we found we could tilt the whole windscreen and wipe with paper towel each time someone passed us.

At Bramwell Lang with the help of Les, a volunteer at the station, again worked on the brakes which continue to give us problems.In the evening though, we were able to relax and enjoy a very nice meal and live music until 9pm.

A chance meeting with Alan and Jan Pike and a quick coffee in the bush.

Typical termite mound - no, they don't all face north!

Les and Lang fixing brakes.

Fruit Bat Falls. Great spot but too easy to get to for the herds travelling north.

Jardine barge on a busy day.