Thursday, July 9, 2015

We make Cape York

2nd Lang headed off to the garage and worked there all day with Mark at Top End Motors rebuilding the brakes and the leaking radiator. I went down to the wharf and managed to get on the ferry over to Thursday Island where I spent the day. It certainly has changed since we were here 30 years ago!

3rd  We are off early to head for the tip. The road is pretty rough but we cover the 34kms to Cape York by 09.30 despite drowning Daisy in a deep creek crossing. As it was low tide we were able to take Daisy onto the beach for photos of our arrival. Lang and I walked out to the tip and by the time we returned the car park was filling up and on the way out we passed dozens of 4WD's all heading to set foot on Australia's northern most point. The road from Bamaga to the tip is the roughest so far and we were limited to second and third gear on the corrugations.

A bit deep for Daisy - nearly made it.

The famous Croc Tent Cape York road

A lovely day at the tip.

Australia's most Northerly point.

We are still having radiator problems so it is back to Top End Motors for some more repairs.